Just a vector i did for fun in illustrator.


A VDI file is an image file used by VirtualBox as the virtual hard disk for guest OS. I was using Windows XP in VirtualBox and then I found out that my disk space inside Windows XP is getting smaller due to software and other stuffs.

What I did to resize it was to clone the disk drive using a software called Acronis True Image Home. You can download a trial. It is still a full working software even though it’s a trial. Here are the steps I did to do it.

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did a little makeover on lingon (http://lingon.sourceforge.net/) last nite. i used the tango icons. i think it turned out pretty well. lingon uses pdf instead of pngs or tiffs so had to convert the images to pdf.

before prettyfication

lingon original

after prettyfication

lingon prettyfied

by the way, Lingon is a graphical interface for creating launchd configuration files and controlling them through launchctl for Mac OS X Tiger. It makes configuring launchd really easy. i’m currently planning on using it to setup some automatic trigger system for various stuffs. will post more about that later.

of macbooks


so finally i’ve come back to the mac world..It’s been 2 years since i sold my titanium powerbook G4 in 2005 and to kick off the new year, on 4th of January 2007 i bought myself a black macbook.There was a New Year Sale in Biccamera, one of the famous electronics/computer store in Japan (i’ll have to tell that story another time..anyway i was in Japan for new year..). The macbook was on sale for 157,800 yens. The retail price in Japan was 178,000 yens.Thats a 20,200 yens discount.Back in my home, Malaysia, the black macbook is priced at RM5999 which is equivalent to 206,845 yens. It was all in good timing. I saved almost RM1400 on the macbook. The price that i paid for it in Malaysian Ringgit was RM4646. Well..im going to go back to tinkering my new blackbook..